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Confused"So, what's all the fuss about? Why Should I Choose Ignitia?"

We can think of 10 Reasons...

Here is ten reasons why you should choose Ignitia as your Single Point of Contact...

Over 9 years with a 90% Closure Rate!

We've been solving our customer's problems for almost seven years with a 90% closure rate. That means for every 10 customers who choose Ignitia, 9 of them go home satisfied with their issues resolved. That's not to say we let that one customer go home dissatisfied, we either research their issue further or refer them to one of our partner service providers!

Real People, Real Testimonials...

At Ignitia, we serve real people. So therefore we achieve real testimonials. Here's what a couple of our real people had to say about us...

  • "Ignitia's techs are really good. I'm especially happy about their privacy policy, because I know my data is safe when I turn my notebook over to them!"  -- Hendrik VanEde

  • "The tech made everything work perfectly. I'm Happy."  -- James Earl

  • "Service tech was wonderful and everything was perfect. I could not have asked for anything more." -- Dwight Moree

Oh, and there's more! Click here to read more testimonials.

Where the heck is Ma' and Pop?

We wish them well, but when you chose Ignitia you won't see the customary small computer shop with pre built computers waiting for sale by the window that you see with other computer repair service providers. Instead we operate a humble drop off and pick up center, where systems are received and returned to and from you. As well as you'll never see our labs. Why? Because at Ignitia we want you to be as comfortable as possible when you trust us with your system, and our own study shows that when you project a sense of professionalism you gain not only the customer's trust but their confidence! Plus those computer shops tend to not stick around as long.

We are the first Service Provider to offer the Geek Zone Remote Support Service Plan for only $24.95 per month per unit! Powered by GoToAssist Express

Even Geek Squad can't say that! That's right, our Geek Zone Remote Support Service plan includes the following for only $24.95 per month!

  • Consultative, preventative and emergency computer support services by phone (1 PC)
  • Ongoing remote PC Tune-Ups/support to ensure your computer is running smoothly & stays that way.
  • Competent, personal customer service that is not outsourced overseas
  • The ability to switch coverage from one PC to another (once every 30 days)
  • Can be conveniently billed to your credit card automatically each month!
  • Save over 21% on each remote PC Tune-Up/support (Valued at $69.99/per issue without DigiGuard Plan.
  • No long term contract or commitment, cancel anytime.
  • Click here to learn more about our Geek Zone Support service plans.

Home of Ignitia Premium Select Services (Only for Consumers)

We started out as a consumer centric service provider. Although we've grown to take care of Small-to-Midsized Businesses, we still provide exceptional services and products to our loyal consumers. Here is just a few of the Ignitia Premium Select Services, which are for consumers only. Many of the listed services also include a business version for our loyal business customers too.

  • Ignitia Onsite Services (I'oS) -- Premium onsite services for consumers
  • PC IGNITION (PCIG) -- Top of the line upgrade service and parts for gamers
  • Retrevio Data Services -- Data Recovery/Restoration services & products.
  • FormaClean Services -- Virus/Mal-Ware/Spy-Ware Removal/OS Restoration

We've been providing Free Examinations Since 2003!

At Ignitia, if you bring your system in to our labs we will examine your issue free of charge. This includes all hardware and software issues on all desktops makes and models, and all software issues on notebooks, makes and models. For hardware issues regarding Notebooks we charge a small examination fee of $49. No one! Not even Geek Squad, Fire Dog, or CompUSA can make this claim! Even our local small competitors can't join the party! And as far as their "No Fix -- No Pay" policy, that's called wasting your time. At Ignitia, we don't waist your time. We'll examine your unit, and you give you the honest truth. Period. End of story.   

We provide the longest service warranty in the industry!

With our 120 Day Worry Less, Experience More Warranty you have nothing to worry about. If your issue persists after receiving your system back from our labs, simply return it to us with in the 120 day time frame and we will correct the issue free of charge! Most service providers give you only 30 days. Geek Squad gives you 90 days. At Ignitia, we stand behind our services. We believe offering 120 days proves our commitment.

Computers, Electronics, & Parts On Sale 24/7

Although we don't keep much in stock, all our products are on sale, ready to order and usually can be available for pick up or delivery the very next day! Not to mention all our sales reps know their stuff. We take the guess work out the picture. You tell us what your goal is, what your budget is, and we do everything else. From the research, ordering, invoicing, and even installation! This makes Ignitia the #1 Virtual Retailer of Computers and Electronic Goods in Asheville, Arden, Flat Rock, Hendersonville, Mills River, and Brevard North Carolina!

Ethics & Morals Come First

Welcome Hand Shake

This key factor was extremely important to the management of Ignitia I.T. Solutions as well as it is now to the management of HSG Holdings, Inc and it's employees. We abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Morals. Our client's right to privacy is extremely important to us. In light of recent reports of Geek Squad agents stealing customer data, we have the safe guards in place to make sure no one at Ignitia will ever violate our client's privacy! We protect our clients...Geek Squad doesn't and it shows!

Ignitia Superior Customer/Tech Support. Yes, Count on It.

Customer service is an important element in business. Likewise we know that when your customers want to reach you, they tend to want your help fast and easily accessible. That is why Ignitia was the first to create a Customer Service Network and a website dedicated purely to just that. Via customers were able to send urgent service requests, email customer service. Not to mention our customer service lines are open 7 days a week, Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM thru 10 PM EST, and Sunday from 10 AM thru 5 PM EST. 

To Learn More about our parent company, HSG Holdings, Inc,...

Click here to visit our corporate parent's website.

Click here to learn more about the history & ethics of corporate parent.



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Why Ignitia?

Because of our Pledge to You!

At Ignitia, second rate service is not part of our vocabulary. When you become a client we automatically pledge to you excellent service beyond the means of our competition! Give us a chance to prove this to you!







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We Were Rated the #1 I.T. Service Provider by our customers in Buncombe County NC!


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