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Why Ignitia? Because Ignitia is the 1st and ONLY I.T. Service Provider to present...

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We see it time and time again, the once "popular" family computer becomes the official "light work/internet surfing" computer when the family upgrades to a faster unit. This usually works well for a year or so until the system becomes bogged down with spyware and a corrupt windows installation. The unit becomes excessively slow and the family is not sure whether to toss the unit and buy a new one or fix up the unit and continue on.

That's where we come in. At Ignitia, we realize how expensive it can get to not only repair a computer but upgrade the unit for better performance. Study actually shows that more people prefer to buy a new PC than the people who chose to fix and upgrade the existing unit. That's why we created a new plan to help ease the costs of sprucing up a system making it economically more feasible then buying a new unit!

Introducing the Forma-Clean Good As New Plan starting at $299.99! Here are the exciting plan features:

         Forma-Clean Advanced Package 4 hrs of labor//User basic docs recovered//User requested software installed

         Retrevio Data Services 4GB or More Plan. Additional data not covered by the Forma-Clean Advanced Package will be recovered and restored on the the unit. 

         1 Component Upgrade/Replace/or Add offer. Component of choice can either be a memory stick or a hard drive. Component of choice cannot exceed corporate cost value of $79.99. If component of choice does exceed the value of $79.99 then the customer must pay the difference.

         120 Day Service Warranty. Covers the Forma-Clean Advanced Package and Retrevio Data Services performed on the unit.

         1 Year Replacement Warranty. Covers the component of choice.

         30 Day Data Integrity and Verification Warranty. Covers the data recovered. 

         No Additional Discounts Available. Senior Citizen discounts and/or company promotional discounts at the time of plan purchase cannot be used in conjunction with plan offer.

         Refunds, Credits, Exchanges. No refunds, credits, or exchanges on Component of Choice purchased with the plan.

         Flat Rate Cost: Cost of plan will be a flat rate of $299.99 unless component of choice exceeds the corporate cost value of $79.99. Services listed in this plan is valued at $499.99 and higher. That's a savings of $300 or more!

Happy Family

Now more than ever consumers have a better choice when deciding if they should repair/upgrade their existing unit or to buy a new one.

At Ignitia, we offer countless choices, plans, and services that will suite your family's needs. Services such as three additional different Forma-Clean service plans, five different Retrevio Data Recovery Service plans, as well as individual memory & hardware services.

Becoming an Ignitia customer also means you'll have access to our famous free examination service known as the Worry LessExam which covers Desktop Software and Hardware as well as Notebook software issues within 3-4 days. We also offer the Experience MoreExam which covers both Desktop and Notebook Software and Hardware issues within 24-48 hours for only $49.00!

If that's not enough, Ignitia customers who purchase the Forma-Clean Good As New Plan and or other service plans will receive a 120 Day Experience MoreGuaranteed Service Warranty along with other warranties that may apply to aspects of their purchases. Bottom line, we want to provide you with the best pricing plans, services, and warranties available in this industry because our goal is to make you Worry Less, Experience More™"




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Why Ignitia?

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